About the Terrierist

Years of terrier ownership brought its joys and sorrows. From puppyhood, senior care; from timidity to aggression; from one to multiple terrier households; and from breeder-bought to rehome – the Terrierist has lived through it all.

Some time ago, the Terrierist’s own terriers had serious issues. Advice was plentiful (and expensive), but when nothing worked, it wasn’t that the dog was untrainable, it was the training was unworkable for the breed.

Terriers are tough. They were bred to be independent hunters, to go to ground and eliminate their prey. The thrill of the chase and the kill drives them on, often meaning that standard training activities are simply too boring. They are quick thinkers, problem solvers, and can entertain themselves without fuss. Even the softest cuddly terrier will be capable of a vicious streak that once experienced, is something you will never forget.

Not for the faint of heart, but hugely rewarding when you have earned their trust. If you can get a terrier on side, you’ve got the fiercest and most loyal friend you will ever need.

Frustrated with all the behaviourists out in the world, no matter how qualified they were, promising one-fits-all-breeds training and recovery, the Terrierist came to life.