Decades of Terrier ownership has taught the Terrierist one thing, all dogs are different. Where professional advice often fails is in the application of group-specific advice. What works for a gundog often simply falls on deaf ears for your rat-hunting, trouser-nipping little Terrier.

If generic dog behavioural advice hasn’t worked in the past with your terrier, perhaps the Terrierist can help.


For specific behaviour problems, let’s build a strategy to overcome terrierism.


Tired of your terrier coming back from the groomer with an incorrect breed hairdo? The Terrierist can handstrip or clipper to breed standard.

If you want to learn how to do it yourself, the Terrierist can provide a day’s training.


Sometimes you just want a quick check-up to ask “is this normal?” – The Terrierist is here for you!

Terrierise me!